Recent events in Indian boardrooms – from the Tatas and Infosys to ICICI and Axis Bank – reaffirm that boardroom surprises will continue. There are a multitude of reasons for this and one of the key factors is the constitution of the right board members and their ability to manage their duties.

This first-ever master class will equip existing board members and board aspirants become better at governance and set global benchmarks. It will indeed help them qualify for bigger roles and better governance hitherto unforeseen in India.

In aid of the Medici Institute Foundation for Diversity and Innovation, registered under Section-25 of the Companies Act,this one-day master class and follow up sessions will be led by the internationally acclaimed Boardroom guru Ralph Ward along with other experts for practical insights in making alignment and strategic governance.

Ralph Ward, along with Medici co-founder Dr Muneer, has been on the forefront of board governance advocacy and together has been writing several expert columns in India (Economic Times, Business Standard, Business Today and Business World) on practical solutions to issues faced by boards. Check for some of these path-breaking thoughts.

Featuring in-depth discussion on the development and role of boards, governance best practice, structuring effective boards, leadership, and handling “inside the boardroom” conflicts, the Master classwill give participants an intensive, “virtual boardroom” training experience.


  • Existing board members who desire to govern more effectively and bring in new perspectives to exemplary governance
  • Senior executives who want to get into board positions in the near future
  • Executives who desire to become board members of startups and SMEs
  • Regulatory advisors who want to discover new benchmarks of governance
  • Company Secretaries and Chartered Accountants
  • Executives in the C-Suite, Presidents, VPs and all functional heads


  • The Kotak recommendations, board independence and diversity rules are changing how every board will operate, its makeup, and its duties. Our program will help your board be ready today for the changes you’ll face tomorrow.
  • You’ll learn how the roles of promoters, CEOs and board members are supposed to function in the boardroom, how they REALLY function, and how you can improve the balance of power.
  • Don’tbecome the next corporate scandal! We’ll look at how boards failed Tata, Infosys, IL&FS, and other noted companies, and the valuable lessons they can teach for better governance.
  • Indian boards now face the dangerous mix of far tougher oversight demands, greater legal liability, and less time to deliver on them. We/’ll give you the tools and tips needed for a boardroom that’s far more efficient, delivering better oversight, with less time, less work (and less frustration).
  • Learn how family businesses can select from governance best practices to improve results, ease tensions, and shape succession policies.
  • Here are the controls and tools your directors can use to spot risk, fraud, dangers and opportunities - custom designed for the unique role of the board.
  • Real boardroom exercises: How do we handle a crisis? How do we cope with a boardroom dispute? Is management telling us the truth?


  • All participants will be eligible for follow-up sessions over videoconferences to upgrade and enhance skills learnt at the master class, over the next one year.
  • Ralph will certify participants as for completion of the master class based on an assessment test.
  • A free copy of Ralph’s e-book “Boardroom Q&A”will be provided to all participants.


This is totally a charity event meant to raise funds for the Medici Institute. All delegates are expected to contribute towards doing a great thing by giving a contribution to learn better governance for themselves and for their companies. Since it is a skill development, companies can sponsor via the CSR funds as well.

(All contributions go towards the social initiatives of Medici Institute)
The year-long masterclass and certification are divided into three sections with the following minimum contributions:
Masterclass in DELHI (FEB 25) or MUMBAI (FEB 26): Rs 22500
Four quarterly interactions: Rs 10000
Assessment and Certification: Rs 7500

For special concessions to attend with bulk delegates, SMEs, start-ups, academicians, early bird registrants, etc, please contact


Board Scorecards for Alignment


Register by Email or Phone

Please send the details of the delegates in the following format (Name, designation, company, address, Mobile and telephone numbers, email ID.)


Mobile: +91 99208 22866

For special rates and offers

Contact Kavita Mistry at +91 22 2884 5186 | +91 93200 48060 and Email at

Payment by cheque or demand draft should be made in favour of Medici Institute Foundation for Diversity and Innovation


Advisor to Boards and Bestselling Author
Publisher, Boardroom News
Editor, Corporate Board Journal

Ralph Ward is an internationally recognized speaker, writer, and advisor on the role of board of directors, how “benchmark” boards excel, setting personal boardroom goals, and the future of governance worldwide.
Ward publishes a well-read online newsletter on boards, the worldwide source for practical, first-hand advice on better boards and directors. He also edits The Corporate Board magazine, America’s leading corporate governance journal, subscribed by major corporations across 30 countries. He is the author of six acclaimed books on board and governance for today’s corporate boards, the challenges they face, and the answers they need to excel. Some of these include Board Seeker Guidebook, Boardroom Q&A, The New Boardroom Leaders, Saving the Corporate Board, and Improving Corporate Boards.
Ward’s media appearances include CNNfn, C-SPAN, Voice of America, Bloomberg, National Public Radio, CNBC. He writes and comments on
boardroom matters for publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Economic Times, Business Standard and Business World. He serves on several advisory and non-profit boards.
Ward also advises rising executives seeking to add a board seat to their resume. He teaches a highly successful “Board Wannabe” program for Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) on board-targeting strategies (execs include such companies as Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and Astellas).


Set up under the guidance and mentorship of the late Indian President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the Medici Institute aims to help governments at all levels to execute what they have promised at the polls both at the macro and micro levels. At the centre of its framework is the Balanced Execution Agenda that aims to translate poll manifesto into actionable and measurable goals that are linked in a cause and effect way between drivers and outcomes. A one-page strategic agenda map oversees the entire mind-set change at the policy makers’ level. It pushes for the alignment of budgets with the planning and aims to align ministries, departments and government employees around the key deliverables. It also brings together different stakeholders to ensure that the citizen-centric innovation takes shape for improving the quality of life.

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