Wargaming in Complex Environment

4-Week Impactful
Leadership Program

with Gareth Tennant

Nov 23 – Dec 18, 2020   &   Jan 4 - Jan 29, 2021

Executive Coach & Mentor

Don’t allow business leaders to react blindly to dangers.
Train them to respond proactively, by planning well in advance!

Empower your business leaders to ask ‘What is most likely to happen?’ and not stop there. By further asking ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ ‘What’s the best that can happen?’ ‘What’s least likely to happen?’ So, your organization identifies and plans for every possible scenario, that awaits in the future.

‘Wargaming in Complex Environment’ will give your business leaders the tools and frameworks, adapted from military strategies and tactics, to be better prepared to face the challenges of today’s new business environment.

- Gareth Tennant

About the program

Wargaming in Complex Environment’, is a 4-week program that will help your business leaders to adapt years of highly evolved military intelligence skills to treat the organization’s strategic goals as if they were military missions, where nothing can be left to chance and all volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity must be identified and planned for.

A brief overview of the program:

  • Week 1: How to plan the best strategy and execute it.

    • Understand the relationship between strategy and tactics.
    • Adapt the balance of strategic command, leaderships and management skills
    • Effectively navigate through a dynamic and complex environment.

    Result-oriented experience:
    • Focus on strategy and planning.
    • Discover how complex organizations form strategies, in unpredictable times.
    • Understand campaign planning & management and command of resources to execute strategy.
    • Discover the difference between command, leadership and management.
    • Learn how to balance these skills to execute a viable strategy.
  • Week 2: Why organizational structure is the secret weapon to winning.

    • Understand centralized & de-centralized organizations.
    • Identify where this balance lies in your organization.
    • Learn to apply techniques for competitive advantage, while staying adaptable

    Result-oriented experience:
    • Focus on organizational structure and culture.
    • Learn how culture and leadership work to carry out tactical activities to meet strategic goals.
    • Explore how to balance the organization, with a single vision and clear objectives.
    • Discover how to de-centralize the execution of activities.
    • Learn how to be agile and responsive in a dynamic marketplace.
  • Week 3: Build your insight powerhouse with data, information and intelligence.

    • Understand data exploitation tools to become ‘intelligence led’.
    • Map data requirements to strategic questions & operational processes.
    • Identify key areas of improvement in information management.

    Result-oriented experience:
    • Focus on the pervasiveness of data and deriving intelligence.
    • Discover techniques for overcoming data overload.
    • Learn methods to align data with decision-making requirements & strategy.
    • Discover how to be more data centric, but with a defined purpose.
    • Rationalize information flows to make decisions with the best available information at hand.
  • Week 4: Secure your success with environmental analysis and scenario planning.

    • Combine strategy, command, insight, resilience & foresight.
    • Learn the value and pitfalls of future modelling.
    • Exploit emerging techniques of scenario development and wargaming.

    Result-oriented experience:
    • Focus on bringing all the tools together.
    • Explore ‘scenario development’ and ‘environment analysis’, to aid in decision-making.
    • Practice wargaming: apply data from environment analysis to a strategic plan.
    • Explore ‘consequence management’ to prepare an uncertain future.
    • Learn to build organizational resilience to respond proactively.

Key Takeaways

Get a deeper analysis of your business’ core capabilities.
Discover and unlock channels to maximize returns.
Implement strategies that are adaptable to uncertainties.
Learn how to set aggressive yet attainable KPIs.

Program Fee

INR 2 lacs plus 18% GST per company. This program is only available to a select group of 5-7 companies on a first come, first served basis. The program fee includes:
  • 100% virtual access to the ‘Learn. Do. Review. Adapt.’ teaching tools.
  • Complete course materials for ‘Wargaming in Complex World.’
  • Video sessions with top military expert & mentor Gareth Tennant
  • Lifetime access to the digital platform ‘Expertpoint’