How to deal with your company's major business challenges and opportunities.

• Managing and marketing in today's age
• Why traditional marketing will become less   effective
• Adopting a new definition of marketing
• Why you must re-invent your marketing
• Why marketing needs to be managed as your   growth engine
• Involve your customers in co-creation

How to search for powerful new ideas and innovate successfully.

• You need innovativeness, it is a capability
• Build your innovation strategy and control   system
• Exploit the major sources of new ideas
• Use the new tools for consumer research


The Future of Marketing will be influenced by an overall movement from purely data-driven to insight-driven marketing that can best be summarized as:

Understanding buyers' behavior qualitatively versus only by analytics will take on a higher priority as companies seek better ways to connect with buyers and to separate themselves from competitors. The rise of the social buyer will continue to challenge many marketing organizations as they seek to adapt to more complex buyer ecosystems and buying processes.

There will be a migration taking place from content creation to experience creation as companies seek to help buyers navigate information overload and to make better informed purchase decisions.

Optimizing the buyers' experience seamlessly across all interaction points will become a priority for organizations as they find differentiating from competitors increasingly harder and more complex.


Integration of devices and touch points (integrating digital life with “real life”) will play a key role in companies that want to effectively reach their customers. Brands must be everywhere where their customers are on smartphones, tablets and social media. But it is not just about being everywhere – it is about solving real life problems in digital spaces, with integrated solutions.


Relevance will be king. Look at what Facebook is doing with the timeline and news feeds. To reach their consumers, brands must be relevant – sit at your customers' “tables”, listen to what they are talking about, gather all the information and link it to your products and services.


With evolution of digital commerce platforms, technology has given people the power to do everything from their phones and digital devices, and this trend is gaining momentum. People don't want to leave their couches - so retailers must find a way to go to their customers' couches.




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The key to branding, especially for smaller firms, is to focus on a limited number of issue areas and develop superb expertise in those areas.

Dr. Philip Kotler
in an interview with
Management Consulting News in April 2004

Marketing is a race without a finishing line

Dr. Philip Kotler
in an interview with
Management Consulting News in April 2004